About Us

We are a well-established company dealing with mother & baby products. We have been established for more than 30 years holding the sole distributorship of premium quality international brands including Spectra from Korea, Freemie from the USA, Upang from Korea, Looping from France etc. We at Histopoint (M) Sdn Bhd specialize in the marketing and distribution of high quality and unique baby products in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

We are a company of sizeable resources, sound management and possess a good team of dedicated staff with considerable knowledge and are well exposed in our selected area of activities. This will definitely bring about a positive impact to our company. We have an in-house professional team of technicians and engineers, who work constantly around the clock to ensure all products are in tip top condition at all times.

Selamat Datang Ke Histopoint.Com.MY

Kepada ibu-ibu yang ketika ini sedang mencari barangan untuk anak-anak mereka tak kira bayi mahupun anak kecil berusia 2-3 tahun ke atas, boleh dapatkannya di Histopoint.com.my.

Histopoint merupakan pengedar esklusif lebih daripada 30 tahun kepada jenama premium antarabangsa bagi barangan ibu dan bayi. Di antara jenama barangan di bawah naungan Histopoint adalah Spectra dari Korea, UPang dari Korea, Freemie dari USA dan Looping dari Perancis. Kami di Histopoint (M) Sdn Bhd amat pakar dalam mengedar dan memasarkan barangan bayi yang berkualiti tinggi di Malaysia, Singapura dan Brunei.

Kami adalah sebuah syarikat yang mempunyai sumber pengurusan yang kukuh dan memiliki kakitangan yang berpengetahuan yang cukup tinggi dan professional di dalam bidang mereka untuk memastikan semua produk yang berada di dalam keadaan bagus dan tip top sepanjang masa.

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Our mission is simple

We persistently pursue to evaluate the future demands and needs of our customers such that our company shall always be infused with new development of products and services to meet the relevant requirements of our customers.

With our emphasis on superior/ innovative products and services it has moved our company towards an increasing presence in the healthcare industry.

At our core, we believe the advance technology should be easier for moms with modern life. We understand that a great need is not being met, and this is our calling. Also:

Strengthening Customer services

Marketing the best products and services

Keeping abreast with update on the current market trends

Providing hassle-free solutions to customers and let the products speak for themselves